Special dog show - Surwold Germany - excellent 1, CAC, VDH, BOB (2/4/2017)

International field trail - Surwold Germany - TB1 The Winner (1/4/2017)

Forrest walk (12/2/2017)

Snow in Nejdek - Sidney and Crossby (4/2/2017)

Hunts and walks in January (January 2017)

Merry Christmas with Sidney and Crossby (24/12/2016)

International dog show Praha - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG 3 (29/10/2016) photo by Jana Píchová

Hunt - ducks; guinea pigs pointing with Toni in kitchen (October 2016)

Training, amusement and the end of summer (August-September 2016)

"Hot Dog" in hot July (July 2016)

National Dog Show Caldes (ITA) - res.CAC (19/6/2016) photo by Paolo Matelloni

Nomination contest - Richard Knoll´s Memorial - Pardubice (CZ) (6-8/5/2016) photos by Nikola Balajková

National Dog Show Lubin (PL) - CAC, BOB (24/1/2016)

Crossby in snow (17,23/1/ and March 2016)

Merry Christmas! (24/12/2015)

Hunt in Plouznice (20/12/2015)

Hunting season (Oct-Nov/2015)

Crossby´s cups from working tests (4/10/2015)

Training in the pond with a duck and in the field with a pigeon (18/9/2015)

Crossby with Betka; ...and with Dollar and Libra (4/9/2015)

Autumn exam I.Merit, The Winner, CACT title (22/8/2015) photos by Ruzenka Paleckova

Water and forrest exam "10th annual Josef Lammer Memorial competition" I.Merit, 3rd place (25-26/7/2015) photos by Zuzka Janusikova

Sidney, Dorothea and Crossby; ...and in Berounka river with Dollar and Libra (22/7/2015)

Victory! (out of 18 dogs) Stanislav Vojnar´s Cup - Water exam of pointing dogs (18/7/2015)

Forrest training (20/6/2015)

Field and water training; Crossby and Viky (May 2015)

Crossby, Libra, Dollar; Easter on snow; Crossby and Zoja (3,6,10/4/2015)

Crossby training with marten, pheasant and duck (25/3/2015)

Italy - a trip with Baltica (13-15/3/2015)

International dog show Zielona Góra (PL) - CAC, CACIB, BOB (7.3.2015)

Prague National museum - filming a tv-trailer (24/2/2015)

In the garden and with Dollar and Libra (14/2 and 28/2/2015)

With dog friends (24-25/1/2015) 2nd photo by Jana Pichova

Christmas time (24/12/2014)

Hunts in December (9-30/12/2014)

Dollar, Crossby, Libra, Annie and Rory (23/11/2014)

Hunts in November (9-30/11/2014)

Sidney and Crossby in Nejdek (17/11/2014)

Crossby and Libra (15/11/2014)

National and European Dog Show Brno (CZ) - 2xCAC (25-26/10/2014)

General exam of pointing dogs Bratrinov (CZ) - 2nd place (18-19/10/2014)

Dollar, Libra, Messy and Crossby (5/10/2014)

Josef Kobza Memorial competition - General exam of pointing dogs - res.CACT (6-7/9/2014)

Horse races course Bratislava (SVK) - experienced jumper and flyer (16/8/2014)

International Dog Show Duo Danube Bratislava (SVK) - CAC, CACIB, BOB (16/8/2014)

Water works exam Seberov (CZ) - The Winner! (19/7/2014)

Water exam Tesany (CZ) (12/7/2014)

Forest exam Mala Lecice (CZ) - The Winner! (28/6/2014)

Crossby in Krkonose mountains looking for deer (10/5/2014)

Crossby working and flying (4/5/2014)

Ability exams Kolny and Svrkyne (CZ) (1/5/2014 and 3/5/2014)

Crossby and Angry birds (31/3/2014)

Crossby and five braccos (23/2/2014)

International Dog Show Brno (CZ) (22-23/2/2014) 2 photos by Jana Píchová

Winter training with pheasant and fox (8/2/2014)

International Dog Show Głogów (PL) - BOJ, BOB, JBIS, BOG3 (25/1/2014)

Acquired cups in 2013... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (31/12/2013)

Dollar, Rory, Annie and Crossby (31/12/2013)

Games with Alvin and work with a pheasant finally (29/12/2013)

Doppel CACIB Wels (A) - 2x BOJ, BOB, 2x res.JBIS, BOG2 (7-8/12/2013) photos by Zuzka Janušíková

Winter is coming... (4/12/2013)

International Dog Show Świebodzice (PL) - BOB (29/11/2013) photos by Zuzka Janušíková

Special dog show FCI VII&VIII, 2xCACIB Zagreb (CRO) - 3x CAJC, JBOB, BOB, Crufts qualification 2014, Zagreb junior winner (24/11/2013) photos by Jana Píchová

Crossby - Czech Davis cup team fan (18/11/2013)

Crossby the gardener (28/10/2013)

The autumn colours (27/10/2013)

Happy Birthday! (24/10/2013)

International Dog Show Wrocław (PL) - BOB, BOG 3 (29/9/2013) photos by Jana Píchová

Bundessieger Tulln (A) Crufts qualification - Best Junior of Day (28/9/2013) photos by Jana Píchová

T.A.N. ability exam (8/9/2013)

Crossby the hunter (21/8/2013)

Crossby´s summer holiday (6/8/2013)

International Dog Show Mlada Boleslav - puppy res. BIS, very promising 1 (20/7/2013)

Film festival Karlovy Vary - special guest Crossby (4/7/2013)

Bubble Crossby (22/6/2013)

Eighth month (22/6/2013) photos by Katerina Krasna

National Dog Show Klatovy (CZ) - puppy BIS, very promising 1 (15/6/2013)

Oscar vs. Crossby (1/6/2013)

Crossby in the garden (27/5/2013)

World Dog Show Budapest - very promising 2 (18/5/2013)

World Club Show Gödölő (HU) - puppy BIS (17/5/2013)

Club Show Konopiste (CZ) - puppy BIS (12/5/2013)

I can hunt ants and point pheasants (3/5/2013)

Sixth month (22/4/2013)

Meadows (13/4/2013)

In the forest (8/4/2013)

Fifth month (24/3/2013)

Crossby, show! (25/2/2013)

Fourth month (24/2/2013)

Crossby in the snow and at home (15/2/2013)

Edison and Crossby (2/2/2013)

Third month - In the snow, by the river and friendship with a horse (27/1/2013)

On a visit (15/1/2013) photos by Katerina Krasna

Frolicking, relaxation and snoring on back (15/1/2013)

With dog friends Kara and Doris (2/1/2013)

Crossby in an atelier (29/12/2012) photos by Michaela Rollerova

In the Prague ZOO (27/12/2012)

Christmas time (24/12/2012)

Puppy games in the garden (19/12/2012)

Blue is good (18/12/2012)

Second month - finally at home (17/12/2012)

First month (23/11/2012) photos by Bence Kántor

After the birth photos by Bence Kántor