You can touch the Shadow of my Ghost "CROSSBY"

I bought Italian pointing dog according to a picture from a dog encyclopedia. I had never seen this dog breed “alive” before. I had no experience with a dog, moreover hunting dog. I did not recognize the difference between ability test and general hunting test; I didnīt know what retrieving was.

In the meantime experienced dog leaders told me that the dog was talented and so our way of hunt training started.

In 2014 within 6 months Crossby achieved all working tests for pointing dogs in the Czech Republic. The Espagneul Breton club recquires for breeding only limit points from pointing, approaching and standstill against birds. In spite of that Crossby achieved ability exam, autumn work exam, forrest work exam and general exam at the level of hunting unions and higher contests level (memorials) … all at the Merit I.

In 2015 Crossby achieved the CACT title from the two-days general hunting test (Jaroslav Dostalīs Memorial Contest). This working test consists of field, forrest and water disciplines. A dog has to be succesful at 32 disciplines to pass the test.

During general hunting tests in 2015 Crossby achieved the limit for Richard Knollīs Memorial Contest nomination. This annual contest has got more than 50 years old history. Only the best hunting dogs (with the highest number of general testsīs points achieved during the previous season) can take part in this prestigeous contest.

In May 2016 Crossby achieved maximum points at forrest and water works, even at the field works (fast working, working system, persistenence, collective hunting, nose, pointing). Unfortunately the leaderīs mistake during the last discipline caused the fail and he didnīt qualified into the final part of contest.

None Italian pointing dog has ever taken part in this contest within its very long duration.


In 2015 Crossby fullfilled all conditions to be awarded by the title The Czech Working Champion. Heīs got 5 titles CACT and 1 title Res. CACT.

Crossby is active in hunting as well. We take part in driving animals out before harvesting in summer months. About 5 months a year we work for pheasantries, we are driving pheasants and training standstill against birds and pointing birds.

About 5 months a year we take part in ducks, hares, pheasants and foxes hunts of hunting unions and private hunting grounds and pheasantries. In the season 2015/2016 we took part in about 25 events.

Work of the dog

Hunting is Crossbyīs passion. Heīs got enormous will to hunt the animal at each situation. It is not problem for him to work at hard conditions and circumstances, in a freezing weather or in a difficult terrain.

He is an excellent retriever. Just from his early childhood he retrieves anything very passionately. The command “Fetch!” means above all amusement and a taste to retrieve something for him.

In good wind conditions he is able to get the scent within 40 metres range. While heīs got the scent and is running he is hunting with high set head. He points securely with beautiful manners. In his hunting beginnings we had problems with a standstill because we had to restrain the passion of hunter. After all he managed standstill even against deer.

Hunting in reeds and retrieving from deep water are his outstanding disciplines. Working in reeds requieres separateness and Crossby likes situation when I canīt see him and he can work himself.

Despite there is a conviction in Italy that Italian pointing dog shouldnīt work in forrests, Crossby loves forrest work. It requires separateness again, work with a fox and work on the blood and it is amusement for him. He had never problem with fox, marten or cat retrieving.

According to the Czech exam standards a dog should follow the blood track quiet, level-headed and with a nose by the ground. We follow the blood track very fast, the cord is tightened and with high nose, by the ground we only check the correct direction. Some judges changed their view on this discipline according to the differences of this breed.

I donīt agree with the idea the Italian pointg dog should be used only for the work expected in the country of its origin. It means separate work in style at a trot with high head and natural retrieving. This breedīs got fantastic prerequisite for general work, loves whatever work (field, water, forrest). It is able to distinguish when to work with high nose, is trainable well and controllable. It is able to feel emotion of its master. This breed will share all working, family or relaxing activity with You and will be a friend in all time.