You can touch the Shadow of my Ghost "CROSSBY"

breed: Italian pointing dog - Bracco Italiano
kennel: You Can
date of birth: October 24th 2012
place of birth: Budapest - Hungary

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How that all began.
Crossby comes from the litter of 11 puppies from Mr. Bence Kántor, Hungary.
He´s got 4 sisters; three of them live in the USA and one in Denmark. He´s got 6 brothers as well. Two of them live in Great Britain, one in the USA, two stayed in Hungary and one is in co-ownership of the breeder. The breeder named the litter „You can touch“.

Mother Fikret's Da Allora "Maila" born 23/3/2009 comes from the breeder Mrs. Marika Tenhunen from the kennel Fikret´s in Finland . Her friendly, kind and unobtrusive character was the reason why we chose the puppy just from this litter finally. Maila´s got the basic hunting ability test; the owner prefers shows.
Show successes and health tests of Maila are available on the web site .

Father „Indian“ comes from traditional Italian kennel that puts emphasis not only on the exterior but mainly on natural hunting talent preservation. Indian´s got ancestors from respected Italian working line. His owner Mr. Giorgio Ziron works with him in hunt actively. According to the owner´s information Indian is peaceable, laid-back and tireless dog with the appetite for working.

Crossby´s name that he´s got from the breeder „You can touch the shadow of my ghost“ expresses his character completely. It is typical for the breed of Italian pointing dogs. He is stable, calm, sensitive, with strong attachment to his pack. He loves kids, learns quickly, is peaceable to people and animals. One of the Italian pointing dog breed characteristic is the restraint to new people, things, events. It´s not the case of our Crossby. He welcomes new people, he doesn´t mind new environment, new dogs in shows or hunt trainings. He needs permanent activity and working in surroundings of people. He looks up their presence.
Why the name Crossby ... We are a sport family; we´re still in action and on trips. That could be the reason why he´s got similar name to well-known Pittsburgh Penguins´ ice-hockey star Sidney Crosby.